Sketching and Painting


Our popular Sketch and Paint Studio offer a variety of themes and techniques in order to improve one’s own creativity. During this class, students will learn the building blocks of sketching and move into acrylics. Instructors will work closely with students and tailor level-specific projects for each student. They will learn to use art as a language by bringing along a better appreciation and knowledge of classical music and visual arts.

2019 NEW Studios –               

Art in the Natural World (ages 9 – 16) 

 Explore our marvelous world through diverse techniques. Animals, landscapes, observation of trees and forests; Understand the mathematical geometry of natural structures. Develop techniques to represent skin, clouds or feathers! By understanding the world we live in, we can connect through art and care for our Planet.

Who are you? Exploring the SELF through ART! (ages 9 – 16)

What line or shape “defines” YOU?, who are YOU in colours? If you where a painting, what “style” would define you? Join us and find the connection between colour and emotion; find yourself immersed in a program where you can interpret your SELF. Work with forms, animals, flora, and fauna. Explore your name through fonts, colour and music interpretation. Sketch, paint or mix-media will be part of our programme.

Just SAY IT! -Creative Writing- (Ages 6 – 15)  Come and discover who YOU are through the written word! Express yourself in a different and creative way. This studio is designed to help participants become better writers and readers of literary fiction, and poetry, by practicing their craft and receiving critiques of their works, and by refining their responses by the literary works of others. Write a song, explore poetry and narrative.  

Art Fundamentals (ages 9 – 16)is a great way for young artists to embrace creating on their own. The goal is to teach students how to loosen up, let go of perfection, and start to really enjoy the process of creating and trust their own Instincts. Students will make their own subject decisions within the framework of the projects – for example, if we do Blooms it will be the students’ selection of flower imagery and therefore their own composition, colours, and style. We will even touch on non-objective, and abstract art. This is a collaborative and encouraging environment in which students will feel safe to explore and experiment, under gentle guidance, their own selected subject, and style.

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  • Length of classes vary depending on age and studio day
  • ONE class per week for 9+, Teens and Adults
  • TWO classes per week for Seniors
  • All materials included
  • Tax not included

You can register online, by email or by phone.

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