Fine Arts Studio: Life Drawing

The aim of the Fine Arts Studio is to develop artistic skills on how to draw and paint observing objects and figures in their life settings. Students will learn how to structure and record the image as they see it on paper or canvas format. Other concepts such as rules of light, values necessary to create three dimension and depth in to your work will be applied. Creativity will be encouraged through drawing models in cast and continue with objects and figures in charcoal to consolidate drawing skills. Painting in both monochrome and full colours will be applied to achieve the texture, light and composition of the painting. This program requires commitment throughout the year from the student to achieve success. Three different 3 levels will be offered.
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  • 2 hour class
  • ONE class per week for Teens and Adults
  • TWO classes per week for Seniors
  • All materials included
  • Tax not included

You can register online, by email or by phone.

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